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We are

Princeton Digital creates, delivers and manages digital solutions for the Australian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


We Are


Princeton Digital creates, delivers and manages digital solutions for the Australian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


From apps for patients and healthcare professionals, to eDetailing for sales teams, we deliver engaging, effective and scalable solutions. Our range of products spans the entire digital domain. From a patient smartphone app, to digital advertising opportunities, we can build, deploy and support the ideal solution for you.


Princeton Digital approaches digital projects from a unique perspective. Our in-house digital team has many years of healthcare experience. As an affiliate member of Medicines Australia, we understand the needs of the Australian pharmaceutical industry from an 'insider' perspective having a strong focus always on ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct. 


If you'd like to learn how Princeton Digital can deliver digital engagement for your organisation or brand, please contact us.

Industry knowledge

  • Like you, our Business Managers come from pharma marketing
  • We are members of Medicines Australia, so we know the Code
  • We have a seat on the MA digital and social media working group

Digital our Passion

  • It’s the way of the future. The future is now
  • HCP’s enjoy digital presentation and better access to information
  • We’re even ‘Appifying’  the new Code of Conduct for MA.

Creative Solutions

  • We create eDetailers and Apps for mobile devices that will excite and engage your target audience
  • That will excite and motivate your sales Reps
  • That will increase their face-to-face call time

Delivered on time

  • Having been brand managers ourselves, we know how important timelines are
  • We expertly manage the project for you, helping you to deal with your medical affairs people if necessary to keep it on track



How we work

Plan: During the planning phase the Project Manager will work closely with you to document and streamline the vision, functionality and appearance of your product.

Our experts will liaise closely with you to ensure your specific needs and requirements are met resulting in the optimal product being achieved.

Design: The Princeton Digital team is experienced in incorporating existing designs, as well as developing the entire creative. Our team will work with you to create a completely new design and existing or work within the scope of your existing design and graphics provided to us by your creative agency or graphic designers.

Build: In the development phase we will turn the design into a functional product. Our developers, who are the very best in their field will work professionally and cooperatively to produce a functional, easy-to-use product.

Test: Once a product has been built, it will enter the testing phase where our team will perform functionality and usability tests.

This ensures that the product is bug-free, user-friendly and requires no further design amendments. You will work closely with a Project Manager to, ensure your feedback is received and responded to promptly and efficiently.



Our Team

Lachlan Stuart

Digital Business Manager

Jessie Hsu 

Digital Designer

Tim Martin

Digital Designer

Arvind Raghavan

UAT Tester

S. M. Ariful Islam

Sr. Developer