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Patient Apps


Patient Apps


MyProduct is a patient app that helps them better understand their medication and improves adherence. 


- Key information for the patient about your product: What the product is used for, Before taking the medication, How to take the medication, While medication is being used.


- Link to the full CMI (Consumer Medicine Information)


- Reminders for the patient: Product medication reminders, product prescription/pharmacist reminders, doctor appointment reminders


Custom Apps

Patient Apps, HCP Apps


We create tailor made Apps to suite your brand. These are typically downloadable Apps for patients or clinicians. These Apps are passcode protected - which means they require an activation code to enable App usage following App installation.



- Fully customisable: Content and design to be determined by Sponsor - in accordance with Sponsor’s patient support requirements for brand


- Patient App resources may include content on brand, benefits, diaries, resources, nursing support and reminder functions 

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