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Rep Access Item

- High demand from Australian clinicians

- Customised to your target Doctor's specialty


Patient Apps


MyProduct is a patient app that helps them better understand their medication and improves adherence. 


- Key information for the patient about your product: What the product is used for, Before taking the medication, How to take the medication, While medication is being used.


- Link to the full CMI (Consumer Medicine Information)


- Reminders for the patient: Product medication reminders, product prescription/pharmacist reminders, doctor appointment reminders



HCP Apps


We are pleased to present Medicon, the world's most comprehensive and up-to-date medical conference database and information resource, specifically created for Health Care Professionals.


Product Features


- The World’s leading medical conference resource for clinicians.


- Over 4,000 Australia Registered Healthcare Professionals


- Website, accessed via the internet through any web browser 





PharmaConnect is our iPad App solution known as an eDetailer for use by reps in sales calls with clinicians. eDetailers can include features such as graphs, high speed animation, easy tap and scroll functions, video content, email links and high level interactivity for increased user engagement.


- App based product eDetailers for use in sales calls with clinicians


- Content and design to be determined by Sponsor - in accordance with Sponsor’s brand requirements


PBS Code

HCP Apps


Our PBS Code App allows clinicians to access Restricted, Authority, Streamlined Codes and Reimbursement criteria from their smartphone or tablet device on demand.

- We have on screen advertising options available for your brand which can link to your website.


- Exclusive Rep access item


- Innovative relationship builder


- Ongoing brand exposure


- Splash screen advertising everytime the App is opened


- Banner advertising with links to your own website


HCP Apps


iAbstracts  is a clinician app enabling them to access over 22 million citations on the comprehensive and searchable PubMed database. Includes the ability to: create and edit a “Saved Citations/Abstracts” list, email to self or colleague function for later online review, review recent searches


- We offer exclusive advertising to your chosen medical specialty group. Your brand will recieve 12 months advertising on both the splash screen and on the banner everytime the app is used.